August 19, 2018

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Contact our Sales Team at

What do you get?

- 2 rotating images with your branding, business name, product, specials and or services
- Display contact information and / or links to your website or email
- Exposure on all pages where we advertise
- Changes to graphics are allowed once every 30 Days, if you would like to promote time sensitive events or specials. Note: This applies to our 6 month and Yearly contracts only.
- Choose from a number of Ad types "Banners" or "Boxes" see below.
- Design charges apply ($100 per ad). Design charge 50% off for Try It for 30 day trial program.

We have a number of "Ad Types" available for you to help promote your business or organization.

Ad Banners
Leader Board Main Page Ad Banner (Size: 728x90)
Page Banner (Header and Footer locations available on all Category pages) (Size: 565x90)
Standard Ad Banner (Header and Footer locations available) (Size: 468x60)
Ad Boxes
Ad Block (Size: 300x250)
Half Ad Block (Size: 300x100)
Quarter Ad Block (Size: 300x60)
Square Box (Size:150x120)
Specialty Ad Boxes
Half Page SkyScraper (Size: 300x600)
Skyscraper Ad (Size:150x600)
Standard charges will apply and are based on a per month charge with a 6 (six) month minimum contract.
Markham Today will offer special incentives from time to time with special pricing in effect for that promotion.
See Rate Card for details on 6 month contracts rates
Full year 15%.
Six (6) Month Contracts – One Month Free (6 Month Minimum).
Try It for 30 Day Trial Program - 50% discount on Design Charge (Regularly $100).
Other Charges
Design Charge – Add $100 per ad if you want Markham Today to create ad on your behalf.


See our ad layout below.