April 9, 2020

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April is a great time to catch a fantastic deal down south

Posted by RApostolopoulos // April 6, 2015 // in The Astute Traveller // 0 Comments

As I draw back the shutters this Sunday morning to see the light dusting of overnight snow on my front lawn, I find myself softly mouthing the words “Jesus Christ”. I instantly seek personal justification in my choice of phrase with today being the yearly celebrated anniversary of the Good Lord’s resurrection, but my harsh reality is that you can take the boy out of Scarborough, but can’t quite take all that Scarb out of this boy.…. sorry ma !

Seriously, c’mon now, really? It’s April, there’s snow on the ground??? We just hid indoors for another prolonged, dark, Markham frosty season where we even withstood the barrage of shots on our goal from Winter’s new first-line Siberian center man, Mr. Polar Vortex himself. My insides are only now sufficiently thawed to the point where if one of my lungs pulled a Schwartz and “triple dog dared” my liver to stick it’s tongue onto my spinal cord, we wouldn’t need my internal fire department for Flick to run into school with the rest of his classmates, when the bell rang. I’m just saying enough of Winter already, it’s time for Spring to spring !

Remembering this is indeed a Travel Blog, I’ll add that April is a great time to catch a fantastic deal down south, from Canada. The dramatic increase in available hotel rooms and cruise cabins over the past 20 years, combined with an abundance of charter flights focused on completing their winter season before redirecting towards Europe next month and the smaller number of Canadian’s actually looking to travel right now, all set up the Perfect Storm for a great Packaged Vacation deal. There can be tremendous value in off peak travel with large savings for you, the consumer. The trick is to get the laws of supply and demand on your side and right now, they certainly are. I’d suggest you call a great Travel Agent. It’s the exact same cost as booking online, but a great TA will make a huge difference in the value you receive and how well you actually vacate.

Wishing you all safe and pleasant travels !

Cheers, Rick 

About the Author

Rick Apostolopoulos

Rick's 28 year career in Travel includes; Corporate/Leisure Agent, Event Management, Writing, Publishing, Teaching and Online Information Technology. Much of his time was spent on beautiful Main St. Unionville as proprietor of Travel Lovers and now is Owner/Operator of Markham’s The Astute Traveller Inc.


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