April 21, 2021

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Top Stories - Arts & Entertainment
April 21st
The Vancouver Queer Film Festival was exempt from collecting and paying B.C.'s provincial sales tax — until it started streaming films online due to COVID-19.
April 21st
A former president of the organization that hosts the Golden Globes has been dropped from the group's board after sending an email that called Black Lives Matter a "hate movement."
April 21st
Organizers of the Montreal International Jazz Festival and the Francos de Montréal are planning for outdoor shows in September.
April 21st
As much as Queen Elizabeth, who marks her 95th birthday today, will be feeling the loss of her husband Prince Philip, there is also a sense that her deep devotion to her role remains unwavering.
April 20th
A Manitoba music teacher and her vocal students, who’ve performed on Instagram every day over the past year, have launched a parody video celebrating their one-year anniversary of learning over Zoom.
April 21st
Wu-Tang producer/rapper announces upcoming LP Digital Potions, the first Bobby Digital album in 13 years
April 21st
How after fifteen years, the K-Pop group Super Junior manages to stay as fresh as ever
April 21st
"When our baby was born I had approximately zero examples that I had seen of trans women raising children," she says. "So here’s one for anyone who wants to see one: I’m a trans woman and a mom. This is possible"
April 21st
Excavate! boasts contributions from several authors, as well as rare artwork and ephemera
April 21st
Custom-fit your inner-ears or swap out the tips with these top-rated Bluetooth earbuds
April 21st
Menand’s “The Free World” is a sweeping survey of the revolutions that changed American life in the 1950s and ’60s.
April 21st
In “First Steps,” Jeremy DeSilva tells the evolutionary story of moving on two feet and how it shaped human development.
April 21st
Gordon-Reed’s new book is a series of short, moving essays about her family’s history and about the end of legalized slavery in Texas.
April 20th
The psychologist Simon McCarthy-Jones writes about the different varieties of spite, and argues that the emotion “can be a force for good,” if deployed strategically.
April 20th
Brace yourself for a hearty dose of fatalism in “Terminal Boredom,” a dystopian story collection by Izumi Suzuki.
March 22nd
The First Nations songwriter receives his overdue recognition with this brilliant and troubling anthology, which shows the breadth of his skill. Nearly every song is remarkable, and nearly any of them could have served as a breakthrough.
March 15th
The UK post-punk pioneers’ influence always outshone their popularity, but a new box set makes a convincing case that stardom actually was within their reach.
March 13th
The singular hip-hop band’s second album is a story about America and Philadelphia, memory and survival. Like a good book, it goes by quickly, yet you force yourself to linger.
March 6th
A new compilation digs deep into stacks of jewel cases and explores an inflection point in Japanese pop music where changes in technology brought changes in sound.
February 13th
An expanded reissue of the Band’s charming, loose-limbed album from 1970 reveals its relatively small stakes are inextricable from its charm.