August 15, 2020

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Top Stories - Arts & Entertainment
August 15th
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more musicians are moving their concerts to virtual spaces like Minecraft and Fortnite. But though those concerts take place in video games, experts say attendees aren't just gamers.
August 14th
Grammy-winning musician J Balvin says he is recovering after battling the the novel coronavirus.
August 14th
Premier John Horgan put out the call, and actor Ryan Reynolds has answered, pleading with young people in B.C. to stop partying and protect "some of the coolest older people on Earth" — including his mom and David Suzuki — from COVID-19.
August 14th
Cineplex Inc.'s chief executive is hoping that ending an agreement with a virtual reality golf company, films debuting in Canada before the U.S. and a slew of COVID-19 measures will right his business as it struggles with mounting costs for movie theatres…
August 14th
Michael Cohen's memoir about U.S. President Donald Trump will be released Sept. 8 by Skyhorse Publishing, which confirmed the news on Thursday.
August 15th
"If this land is yours, it's certainly ours," raps R-SON the Voice of Reason on this imaginative cover
August 15th
"The prospect of losing a national jewel like the Cavern is a horrible scenario for all concerned, be they Beatles fans, music lovers and above all those whose livelihoods depend on it," mayor says
August 15th
The big event is only available for ESPN+ subscribers, and we’ve found a bundle deal that gets you instant access to the action for 25% off
August 15th
The Final Note features seven tracks from October 17, 1971 gig, just 12 days before guitarist's death
August 15th
From a sci-fi take on a Muse concert to an intimate look inside Robin William's mind — your week in movie trailers
August 15th
In Hope Larson’s graphic novel “All Together Now,” an eighth-grade singer-songwriter struggles to find her voice after the band she started breaks up.
August 15th
Jeremy and Hermione Tankard’s “Yorick and Bones: The Last Graphic Novel by William Shakespeare” is poignant tickle-your-ribs entertainment.
August 14th
Roger Moorhouse’s “Poland 1939” looks back at the very beginning of World War II to understand what happened and what might have happened.
August 14th
Wolfram Eilenberger’s “Time of the Magicians” elegantly traces the life and work of four figures who transformed philosophy in the 1920s.
August 12th
The philosopher Kate Manne’s new book is about the ways in which male entitlement leads to a wide range of misogynistic behavior.
July 30th
Reissues of the L.A. band’s mid-’90s albums capture how they brought girl-group yearning, three-part harmonies, and virtuoso violin lines to the era of Sassy mag and 120 Minutes.
July 20th
A landmark anthology originally released in 2001 documents how James “Plunky Nkabinde” Branch and his groups connected jazz, R&B, and funk through Afrocentric rhythms and spirituality.
June 30th
The tenor saxophonist’s beguiling and divisive 1969 album attempted to cross-wire free jazz with rock, funk, and soul. It remains his most misunderstood record. 
June 27th
The Japanese ambient pioneer’s well-deserved revival continues with a reissue of this 1986 cult classic, which feels like an inviting frame in which to project your own feelings.
June 24th
After 46 years, Neil Young unearths a lost but highly consequential album, a collection of humble, stripped-back love songs he began writing at what was arguably the artistic zenith of his career.