October 20, 2018

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Top Stories - Arts & Entertainment
October 20th
The choreographer of a new musical about The Temptations now playing in Toronto says it was a chemistry teacher at a North York high school who first noticed his talent for dance.
October 20th
As the Streamy Awards approach, Canadian YouTube stars are going public about the pressures of the platform.
October 19th
Author and creator of Girls, Lena Dunham, is shutting down her online feminist newsletter, Lenny.
October 20th
Friday's announcement marked first time Saudi Arabia acknowledged journalist's death.
October 20th
"A little tip to Republicans: if you’re going to pick on a minority, make sure they’re not the majority," 'Late Show' host says
October 19th
“Unsheltered,” a big, gripping, emotionally complex novel on the same scale as “The Poisonwood Bible,” explores what it means to have a safe place in the world.
October 19th
The graphic artist Kristen Radtke recalls the influence that a book about the seas had on her young imagination.
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