May 29, 2020

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Top Stories - Arts & Entertainment
May 28th
On the fourth and final night of the Canadian Screen Awards, the academy gave the Quebec film Antigone — a modern retelling of the ancient Greek tragedy — top honours.
May 28th
Organizers of the Toronto International Film Festival say they're still planning to have some type of physical festival this year. But executive director and co-head Joana Vicente adds 'it's definitely going to look different.'
May 28th
Apple Music is launching its first radio show in Africa, Africa Now Radio with Cuppy, which debuts Sunday and will feature a mix of contemporary and traditional popular African genres.
May 27th
On its second to last night, the Canadian Screen Awards honoured Cardinal, Schitt’s Creek, Anne With an E and the Baroness von Sketch Show with numerous awards as they all broadcast their final seasons.
May 27th
Walt Disney Co. plans to reopen the world's largest theme park, Walt Disney World, in phases beginning on July 11, if the governor of Florida approves.
May 28th
“No one wants to hear from the man who says that the former president was not born in this country,” the CNN host said
May 28th
"Write letters in to me with your favorite bootlegs and we will find them and use the best audio we can locate," artist says
May 28th
This pocket-sized device boosts your internet signal to up to 1300 square-feet of space
May 28th
Let's Stay (in) Together livestream event features Kool and the Gang, Robert Randolph, Michael McDonald and more artists
May 28th
A subscription costs more than Netflix but promises well-known exclusives and new original programming
May 27th
In “Entangled Life,” the biologist Merlin Sheldrake shines a celebratory spotlight on the little understood features and functions of fungal networks.
May 26th
In “The Vanishing Half,” her follow-up to “The Mothers,” Brit Bennett writes about twin sisters from Louisiana who set out in very different directions.
May 26th
In “Trumpocalypse,” a former prominent neoconservative reflects on what he got wrong, and where we should go from here.
May 26th
“Red Dress in Black and White,” by Elliot Ackerman, features an American woman anxious to leave her Turkish husband as political unrest rages in Istanbul.
May 26th
In “Fairest,” Meredith Talusan looks back on her life lived at the intersection of genders, races, sexualities and cultures.
April 13th
Pharoah Sanders’ group rolled up all the best qualities from his early-1970s LPs into a newly reissued set that bursts with joy and discovery. It’s a concert that sounds more like a party than a seance.
April 9th
Long considered an outlier in her catalog, Nina Simone’s newly reissued 1982 album is an intimate and immense portrait, a culmination of Nina Simone’s frustrations molded into a jarring personal statement.
March 23rd
The trumpeter and composer’s 1977 solo debut, reissued on remastered vinyl, retains its uncanny narcotic power and elemental beauty decades on. 
February 10th
In 1989, Pauline Oliveros coined the term Deep Listening to describe a practice of radical attentiveness. This double LP collects the famed original record with selections from her Deep Listening Band.
December 9th
An essential new vinyl box set collects all of the trailblazing Olympia band’s records. It is a monument to the spartan trio’s music and their seismic influence on the indie rock that followed in their wake.