October 21, 2019

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Top Stories - Arts & Entertainment
October 20th
Hal-Con kicks off next week, and some artists are issuing a gentle reminder that attendees shouldn't take pictures of someone's art without permission.
October 20th
The tortured songwriter. What's bad for your heart is good for your art. Depression, anxiety and addiction have long been considered part of the unpredictable lives of working musicians, especially those on the road. But a younger generation is tryin…
October 20th
People who think they're good at determining whether someone is lying based on their behavioural cues are most likely deceiving themselves, says author Malcolm Gladwell, adding that our inability to accurately read some people can lead to a lot of problem…
October 18th
Inspired by the climate activism of a Swedish teenager, actor Jane Fonda said Friday that she is returning to civil disobedience nearly a half-century after she was last arrested at a protest.
October 18th
Bill Macy, the character actor whose hangdog expression was a perfect match for his role as the long-suffering foil to Bea Arthur's unyielding feminist on the daring 1970s sitcom Maude, has died. He was 97.
October 20th
The first episode of Damon Lindelof's highly anticipated 'Watchmen' adaptation offers masked crusaders, hidden agendas, wild shootouts, brutal beatings, supernatural mysteries, and much more
October 20th
The concert-theater-dance spectacle on Broadway finds solace in human connections — with plenty of drum beats
October 20th
After ten minutes of the groups exchanging taunts and chants then “everything went to crap,” police said
October 20th
“It’s insanity,” Michael Novogratz said. ”‘They’re going to come and get us.’ No! You’re going to get taxed a little more"
October 21st
“Sontag,” Benjamin Moser’s new biography, is a skilled, lively book that works hard to capture a severely complex person.
October 18th
“Collected Poems of Bob Kaufman” showcases the poet’s distinctive and subversive voice, and Reginald Dwayne Betts’s sensitive third collection, “Felon,” finds the writer in transition.
October 18th
“The Fire Is Upon Us,” by Nicholas Buccola, is at once a biography of two leading American intellectuals and an in-depth look at their legendary 1965 debate over civil rights.
October 18th
Karina Sainz Borgo’s “It Would Be Night in Caracas” traces one woman’s grief against a backdrop of political chaos.
October 17th
In “Return to the Reich,” Eric Lichtblau introduces readers to Freddy Mayer, who escaped the Nazis — and then went back to fight them.
October 16th
A newly reissued private-press curio from 1974 captures the bygone sounds of daily life in Portland, Oregon, in dreamy, proto-ambient form.
September 30th
Long-lost soundtrack recordings by the saxophonist’s powerhouse quartet, made shortly after 1964’s Crescent sessions, capture the band at the peak of its cohesion.
September 26th
The new box set includes demos, a live show, and a fascinating, stripped-down remix of the band’s 1989 album Don’t Tell a Soul that reveals an alternate history of one of their most divisive records.
September 19th
An anthology of the emo pioneers’ complete works testifies to their thrift, their seriousness, and their towering legacy; it captures the essence of a crucial era in the genre’s history.
September 18th
Luaka Bop’s collection of ’70s rhythmic gospel rarities doesn’t feel like gospel in the traditional sense. These working musicians were deeply entwined with the funky, soulful sounds of their time.