August 19, 2018

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Food & Recipies


Recipes of the Day (From Good Housekeeping)

August 18th
Another summer super berry, blackberries require a little more hard work to pick than your average berry (those thorns!) but the recipe results are worth it!
August 15th
The key to good relationships withe your clients isn't as simple as good work - it's also about managing expectations and great communication!
August 14th
Don't let stale bread go to waste in your kitchen - especially when you can use it to make this ridiculously easy chocolate chip bread pudding for dessert!
August 10th
Pickles, jams, jellies and more - hang on to the flavours of summer with these 17 preserving recipes that will have you tasting summer well into winter!
August 9th
The biggest challenge in charging for your work is clearly communicating to your brand clients the value YOU bring to THEM (and why it should matter to them!)