April 24, 2018

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Health & Fitness

April 24th
Being a surrogate is legal in Canada, but the logistics and legalities of the practice are much different than they are elsewhere and in need of updating, families and medical experts say.
April 23rd
About a month ago, a frustrated Emma Schmidt turned to Google for help. The 28-year-old Regina teacher was tired of the acne-related dark spots on her face.
April 23rd
Here's a look at the psychedelic effects, and the risks, of a hallucinogen that has been sought after by some Canadians who have travelled to the Amazon to ingest the drug.
April 23rd
For 25 years Steve Nolan served in the Canadian Armed Forces. Now he's helping recently-retired veterans navigate the health-care system.
April 22nd
On Friday, a group of Canadian doctors and opioid researchers sent a letter to the Attorney General of Canada and to Health Canada demanding a criminal investigation into the marketing of opioids to Canadian doctors.
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