May 29, 2020

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logo_150x25_markhamtoday.jpg will post business related news from our business feeds and local business organizations.  We will provide daily updates on the "Looney", provide "Financial Planing and Tax Tips" from TD Canada Trust as well as information on "Mortgages,  rate and trends" from CMHC.

May 28th
The number of Americans continuing to receive government jobless benefits declined in the week ending May 16 for the first time since COVID-19 struck, even as millions of people continue to join the unemployment rolls.
May 28th
The length of the average work week for employees paid by the hour sank to its lowest level on record in March, as COVID-19 drastically reduced the amount of paid work available for anyone fortunate enough to still have a job.
May 28th
U.S. President Donald Trump, angered by the first Twitter fact-check alert on one of his tweets, can't unilaterally regulate or close social media companies, and any effort would likely require action by Congress and be challenged by the courts, experts s…
May 28th
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) and TD Bank Group missed quarterly earnings expectations on Thursday, as they set aside billions to cover future loan losses due to the COVID-19 outbreak.
May 28th
The toaster oven had the KitchenAid name on it, but when it burst into flames causing hundreds of dollars in damage to an Ontario women's home, the appliance maker told her she'd have to go after a third-party company she'd never heard of — in China…
May 22nd
As a follow-up to my previous post on Cash Flow, I wanted to dig deeper into how we can help, as well as the good and bad around some of … Continue Reading How can we help?
May 21st
Positive Cash flow is when you have more money coming in than goes out each month. Simple to understand but for many of us, this just isn’t happening right now.   … Continue Reading It’s all about cash flow.