August 15, 2020

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logo_150x25_markhamtoday.jpg will post business related news from our business feeds and local business organizations.  We will provide daily updates on the "Looney", provide "Financial Planing and Tax Tips" from TD Canada Trust as well as information on "Mortgages,  rate and trends" from CMHC.

August 14th
An outbreak of COVID-19 has been declared at a Cargill processing facility in Calgary, a "further processing" facility that provides retail meat products for supermarkets across Western Canada.
August 14th
Soaring lumber and wood panel prices are adding thousands of dollars to the cost of building a home in Canada as strong renovation and new housing demand outstrip supply.
August 14th
Cineplex Inc.'s chief executive is hoping that ending an agreement with a virtual reality golf company, films debuting in Canada before the U.S. and a slew of COVID-19 measures will right his business as it struggles with mounting costs for movie theatres…
August 14th
Canada's Competition Bureau has launched an investigation into online selling powerhouse to examine whether the website's U.S. owners are "impacting competition to the detriment of consumers and companies that do business in Canada."
August 14th
Some U.S. commercial tour boat operators in the St. Lawrence River — who are now prohibited from entering Canadian waters — claim their Canadian counterparts don’t face the same restrictions. U.S. Customs says that's not the case.
August 8th
Bridge loans are short-term loans that bridge the gap between two different closing dates. More commonly used when an existing homeowner sells their home, and buys another home, with two … Continue Reading Bridge Loans… the what and why…
August 4th
Some years ago, I did a study on the benefits and disadvantages of online shopping.  Sure, you can order food from your favourite restaurant, buy a new set of earbuds, … Continue Reading What’s a Travel agent got to do with a mortga…