October 20, 2018

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logo_150x25_markhamtoday.jpg will post business related news from our business feeds and local business organizations.  We will provide daily updates on the "Looney", provide "Financial Planing and Tax Tips" from TD Canada Trust as well as information on "Mortgages,  rate and trends" from CMHC.

October 20th
It sounds like something out of a pirate story, but the normally staid world of international trade has been beset by a flotilla of ghost ships in recent weeks, and they're weighed down by several million barrels of trouble for U.S. foreign policy.
October 19th
Canada is not about to agree to quotas or other limits on its exports in order to get the United States to lift punishing tariffs on steel and aluminum, says a source close to the ongoing talks to resolve the lingering tit-for-tat trade standoff.
October 19th
Canadian airlines are urging Ottawa to delay the Jan. 1 imposition of the federal carbon tax, which they warn will boost airfares and push passengers to airports across the border.
October 19th
The airline says it had hoped to have all regulatory approvals in place to operate south of the border — but one of those has not yet been approved.
October 19th
While there may be many chapters in the two-decade story of Lululemon, founder Chip Wilson has looked to one iconic product to put a headline on it.
September 27th
Would it surprise you to learn that your doctor uses a mortgage broker? Well, it’s true – doctors use mortgage brokers all the time. In fact, I personally have an … Continue Reading Your Doctor Uses a Mortgage Broker!
September 25th
Did you file your 2017 taxes on time, yet your NOA is MIA? If so, you’re not alone! I’ve had this happen with a few of my clients… as well … Continue Reading Is the Gov’t Stalling on Your Tax Return? Here’s How I Hand…