April 27, 2017

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logo_150x25_markhamtoday.jpg will post business related news from our business feeds and local business organizations.  We will provide daily updates on the "Looney", provide "Financial Planing and Tax Tips" from TD Canada Trust as well as information on "Mortgages,  rate and trends" from CMHC.

April 27th
McDonald's new uniforms for its U.S. locations are prompting some teasing online, with comments saying the grey-toned shirts and aprons make employees look like they're part of totalitarian regimes.
April 27th
The first version of its Echo speaker still hasn't been released in Canada, but technology giant Amazon is already unveiling an update to the device which now includes a camera that can take pictures of its surroundings on command.
April 27th
Clinics that prescribe legal medical marijuana have become a specialty business across Canada — a phenomenon that has raised a few ethical concerns.
April 27th
The U.S. president's irrational tirades against Canadian lumber, dairy and energy seem part of a strategy to alienate U.S. trade allies. If so, there are signs it is working.
April 27th
The number of the highest-earning Canadians who avoided paying income tax rose about 50 per cent from 2011 to 2014, a CBC News Analysis reveals.
April 20th
15% Foreign home buyers tax, not a big deal Last year, Vancouver introduced a 15% foreign homebuyers tax.  I predicted it would come to Toronto after 6 months. Today, Ontario’s govt has copied Vancouver by introducing a 15% foreign homebuyers t…
April 15th
You’ve seen them before.. but they went silent for a few years.  I’m talking about the housing bears.  The pessimists that say house prices are too high and will crash.  A housing bubble. Are they right?  Maybe.  But h…