April 9, 2020

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Ward 4 Report - November 2016

Posted by MarkhamToday // December 1, 2016 // in Councilors Corner // 0 Comments

To view the complete online version of the Ward 4 Report - Click Here

November 2016

Dear Residents

I thought I would start out with a good news story.  TRCA and 360 kids have teamed up to provide housing for At-Risk Youth in Ward 4. TRCA owns a heritage home that has been vacant and is in need of repair. This home will be renovated and restored per the Cities heritage guidelines and will become home to 3 young adults. For more information or to help with this project  click here .

We are holding another public meeting on December 6th at 7pm regarding short term accommodation, basement apartments and rooming houses. I encourage all of you to attend and/or send in your comments. A copy of the report is here.

St. Joseph's School on Parkway Avenue was deemed to be surplus and I asked the City to purchase the lands. We have put in a conditional offer and are asking for residents input. The property is 6 acres and is valued at $21 million dollars. My initiative is to have a seniors village built on these lands which could consist of a low-rise 3 storey residential condo building and small villa type bungalows. I would like to see all of it as rentals. You could sell your home, retire here and pay rent. The financial viability still has to be reviewed to determine it's feasibility and determine who would be interested in building this type of development model.  Our City staff have recommended to sell 50% of the lands for development and to maintain 50% for parkland. Parkland is valued at about 1 million per acre.
Staff report.  Please send an email with your comments regarding the proposals. We are unable to keep this land strictly as parkland due to the cost involved.

I receive numerous emails on the amount of homes being sold and then going up for rent or are sitting vacant. I have attached a number of articles pertaining to this issue across Canada.  Vancouver has implemented a tax on overseas buyers.There are vacancy taxes and licensing fees being looked at across the country and in the States. This month's poll question is related to what Vancouver has done with the overseas buyers and the 15% tax that has been added to purchases. Should we ask the Province to apply the same tax in Ontario?
We all want to see our property values increased but at what cost to our children and for those that wish to remain in Markham and possibly downsize later in life. Buying homes with no conditions, put many residents out of the market and unable to compete with an inflated price.

I am happy to advise that my request in the budget was approved to purchase 8 more speed boards for the City for 2017. These may be changed to photo radar cameras if the Province passes legislation.

Residents continue to speed along our streets and drive through stop signs, making our streets unsafe for everyone. I encourage everyone to use road watch to report any unsafe driving that they encounter or see.

We have yard waste pick up for leaves every other week until mid December. Please do not blow them onto the street.  They stop the water from flowing freely to our drains and could cause our streets to flood.  

My newsletter that is mailed has just been sent to the printer and should be in your mail box soon.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Karen Rea, Ward 4 Councillor


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