July 16, 2019

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Elton Rohn performs at Flato Markham Theatre

Elton Rohn - A Tribute to Elton John
8:00 PM - 10:30 PM


You've seen him at the Unionville Bandstand, a fan favourite at the Thursday Nights at the Bandstand Summer Music series.  Now's your chance to see him on stage with his band playing the full show with a string quartet with HD video backdrops.  You don't want to miss Elton Rohn's  Tribute to Elton John. Wednesday, April 10 at 8pm at the Flato Markham Theatre.


Event: Elton Rohn performs at the Flato Markham Theatre
Event Date: Wednesday, April 10, 2019
Event Time:  8:00-10:30pm
Event Location:  Flato Markham Theatre

Event Details:
Elton Rohn performs at the Flato Markham Theatre. It's a tribute to Elton John, with special guest opening band Lester McLean band. It's 100% live music with a special treat - a HD backdrop video production show featuring photography, original art work and images relating to the songs of Elton John.

The Elton Rohn band consists of seven musicians and will add a quartet headed by respected musician Lenny Solomon, who is the band’s music director and head violinist, making it an 11-member ensemble.

Combining the look,  the feel and the sound of a real Elton John show. The show features full harmonies and all musicians playing and singing 100% live (no backing tracks). This is a world class show.  The energy is high, the music is familiar and the audience is engaged. The band has headlined over 250 shows. Elton John has the widest possible demographic and the band has played to tens of thousands of Elton John fans, many who sign along to the fabulous catalogue of music.

Elton Rohn band has a tremendous following. "We've been fortunate to have played some incredible venues. We've headlined over 250 shows in Canada and the USA, met some incredible people in so many amazing places"

Tickets can be purchased by calling Flato Markham Theatre at (905) 305-7469 or
by visiting the Flato Markham Theatre Website: www.markhamtheatre.ca

Buy Tickets Online: Click here

For more information check out the Elton Rohn website - Click Here